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As the official designer of Texas Main Street, Downtown Mesquite is blossoming with new developments and becoming a destination for travelers. Escape Rooms are the trendiest trend in the entertainment industry, and the Dallas - Fort Worth area is fortunate to have some of the best and most innovative escape rooms in the country here in Mesquitos. With over 1,000 rooms for rent and over 1 million square feet of retail space, it is ideal for escaping the hustle and bustle of downtown Dallas and Fort Worth.

The nearest major airport is near Mesquite, as Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is located just a few miles west of Mesquitos on Interstate 35 and is the eighth highest passenger airport in the world. DFW Airport, which operates more than 1,500 flights to and from the United States and Canada daily, offers regular commercial passenger flights to the region. The city borders Dallas Love Field to the west, one of the largest airports in North America and the second largest in Texas. Dallas / Love Field is a major hub for international flights to New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston and other major cities in the country.

Neighborhoods include Mesquitos Village, Mesquite Village and Mesquitos Park, as well as some of the best in North Texas.

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The cost of living is still below average in Mesquite, Texas, with a median household income of just over $50,000 a year. The Hampton Inn & Suites is connected to the city of Dallas and is located just a few miles south of the Texas-Mexico border. Play a round at the award-winning Mesquite Golf Club, which offers 18 holes and 154 acres for a great day of golf. This is the largest golf course in Texas and the second largest in the United States.

Life can be expensive, but this list of free activities in Mesquite will help you and your family have fun while keeping your budget in check.

Enjoy some of the best shows at Mesquite Pro Rodeo and work on your tennis game at City Lake Park.

For a more cultured evening, visit the Texas Museum of Natural History, Mesquite Art Museum and Dallas Art Gallery. There are many beautiful natural attractions in and around Mesquitos, including the Grand Canyon, Lake Texoma, Grand Prismatic Spring, Red River Canyon and many more. Dallas is only 12 miles away on the map, but there are plenty of things to do in the area. You can commute to Dallas, where you will find the University of Texas and the University at Dallas.

Mesquite is also known for the famous Mesquite Championship Rodeo, where cowboys gain world-famous status. The rodeo is frequented by visitors from all over the world, with live music, homemade barbecue and more. It also has the distinction of being designated the "Tree City of the USA" by the National Arbor Day Foundation, and has been continuously recognized as Tree City, USA, for 17 years, as a great honor for a state that certainly loves its rodeos. Mesquitos is home to the Texas Museum of Natural History and the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Mesquite Arts Center also hosts the Texas Museum of Natural History and the University of Texas at Dallas, as well as a number of other local arts and cultural institutions. The Mesquitos Arts Center also hosts each of the state's most prestigious arts events, such as the annual Texas State Fair and Texas Music Festival.

The Mesquite Arts Center is a hub of cultural activities, and many of these events are completely free. Mesquite Arena is home to the Texas State Fair and Texas Music Festival, as well as a number of other events and events.

Most MISD teachers have a master's degree, and Mesquite is the leader in Texas in the number of people with a doctorate. Mesquite campuses and colleges include Texas A & M University, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas State University and Texas Tech University.

Mesquite's largest employer is United Parcel Service, which employs more than 2,000 people, followed by Texas A & M University, Texas State University and Texas Tech University. The main employer here is UPS, and government agencies include the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Department of Transportation. Mequite's major employers are Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the University of Texas at Dallas and Dallas Regional Medical Center.

As for public transportation, Mesquite is home to the Dallas-Area Rapid Transit System, which serves the City of Dallas, the University of Texas at Dallas and the Dallas Regional Medical Center. There are five major highways that connect it to the surrounding area, but it is really well connected. The main highway connecting both cities is Interstate 35 from Dallas to Fort Worth, as well as I-35 and Texas State Highway 5.

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