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As we all know here in the Lone Star State, bacon - wrapped quail breasts stuffed with jalapenos and Jack Cheese - is a must - try it for anyone walking through the door. For most people in Texas, there are three main courses, my favorite of which is S & M. Bread pudding is a traditional bread pudding made from pecans and covered in a thick layer of butter, giving it a Texas twist.

The jalapenos are not too hot and give a great flavor in combination with the prawns and pepper jack. Out in the world, there's mesquite - grilled salmon, coated with ancho-honey glaze and served with asparagus.

Just so you know, this is one of the longest visits I've ever made to a restaurant. The No Label brewery is right across from our headquarters, which reminded me of our last trip there. These great Gulf oysters were a great addition to our tasting plate and divine with our new-found friends sitting in front of us.

After watching part of the game and finishing our No Label Craft Beer, we went back to the dining room and a nice little Texas feast began. Now some people have suggested that you try the fish tree, which is one of our specialties at Texas Mesquite Grill. We started like any good boy and headed off to the fries for our main course, Texas Fried Chicken.

The combination of marshmallows and Graham crackers allowed us to evoke some childhood memories while enjoying this wonderful dessert.

If you live in Texas, you must have had this delightful app a few times before, and we had to behave ourselves.

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