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Mesquite is located just 12 miles east of Dallas and is destined to make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Texas. Bear Cave Coffee can be found in Mesquite, as can other Rockies - inspired coffees in the area, such as Rocky Mountain Coffee.

The nearest major airport is Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, located in Mesquite and the eighth highest airport in the world in terms of passenger traffic. DFW Airport is the second busiest in North America, behind New York's LaGuardia Airport. Dallas Love Field is one of the busiest airports in Texas and the only major international airport outside Dallas that regularly offers commercial passenger flights to the region.

Where Mesquite occurs, it belongs to the genus P. glandulosa, the most widespread species in Texas and the second most common in the United States. The distribution area of the Velvet Mesquite (P velutina) is more narrowly limited and is located in Mexico, in the northern Chihuahua and Sonora. In the west, the cities bordering the city extend from San Antonio to El Paso, with the honey mesquitos (P. glandsul Rosa) most widespread along this route.

Sweet and nutty are common, which is probably why colonial diarists called mesquite food lightly sweetened. The culinary experience of mesquitos begins and ends with grilling, as the wood is responsible for the smoky taste that permeates the meat. Mesquite wood provides excellent fuel and is sought after for grilled dishes, barbecue sauce and other grilled dishes such as hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, pork chops, chicken, beef or pork ribs.

An agent of the Bureau of Indian Affairs, based in the Gila River Indian Reservation near Phoenix, wrote in 1871 that millions of pounds of mesquite pods are collected annually. The Pima Indians in southern Arizona call Mesquitos in their language the "tree of life" and the Pimas "mesquites."

Mesquite's largest employer is United Parcel Service, which employs more than 2,000 people, followed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Texas Department of Transportation. The largest employer here is UPS, and government facilities include Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Texas State University and Texas A & M University. Local shops and attractions include a variety of restaurants, bars, hotels, restaurants and retail stores, as well as a number of museums and galleries. I-635 cuts through Mesquite and serves as the main freeway through the city, while shops, attractions including a museum, cinema, amphitheater and art museum have been built around it. The LBJ Freeway, or "I-635," was built in the 1960s to connect Dallas and Dallas County to the Mesquitos and other parts of the state of Texas.

A quick look at the Mesquite website shows how keen the city is to serve as the headquarters of Texas A & M University, Texas State University and the University of Texas at Dallas. Mesquitos universities and colleges include Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, the US Army Corps of Engineers and Texas Southern University. The Texas Rangers, Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Horned Frogs football teams serve Mesquita, as do the Dallas Mavericks basketball team.

If you don't like sports but would rather enjoy the traditional culture of the region, visit the Mesquite Arts Center for the various presentations and exhibitions you can find throughout the year. If you prefer a more cultured evening, visit the Texas Museum of Natural History or the Dallas Art Museum, both in Dallas.

You can commute to Dallas, where you will find the University of Texas and the University of Dallas. Check the points system in Texas, as it can be very expensive to get a ticket to Texas. Mesquite has caused grief to many people, and while it's hard to be Texan and there's no compensation, it reminds you of two important things. It already exists and always will, so chances are you've been in it, but it's there.

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The rich history of the agricultural community gives Mesquite its heritage, and part of the city's economy owes its proximity to the Big Town Mall, which has been an air-conditioned shopping center since it opened in 1959. The city's longtime championship rodeo, the Texas Rodeo of Texas, keeps its residents happy and entertained. The company has changed several times since its inception, but is now part of Camelot Sports & Entertainment, which acquired it from owners Texas Rangers and Dallas Stars 10 years ago. Locals and visitors alike are delighted to have the support of the Dallas Cowboys, a football rivalry that has fallen into the hands of the Dallas-Fort Worth Cowboys and Texas A & M Cowboys.

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More About Mesquite