Mesquite, United States

MESQUITE is the rodeo capital of Texas. The weather is nice all over the year; the warmest time is the best to visit over there in the month of July, August and then June. This city is known as the “Rodeo Capital of Texas”. The Town is named after Mesquite Creek.           


  • EUREKA CASINO: The best place to visit in mesquite is Eureka casino, and the best thing about this place is that all types of suites are there with best accommodations.
  • VIRGIN VALLEY HERITAGE MUSEUM: A small museum in the city with lots of interesting artifacts dedicated to the life of old mesquite. The architectural design made is very interesting and lots of things are there to see.
  • MESQUITE FINE ARTS GALLERY: A beautiful gallery with spectacular art works which are refreshed every year.
  • GOLD BUTTE NATIONAL MONUMENT: It is a monument featuring the wide range of cultural and natural resources. It is a wonderful place to explore and has beautiful view at night.
  • Jasen Trailside Park
  • Hafen Lane Park


LA FONDA MEXICAN RESTAURANT: The presentation of food and the plate is really unexpected and the staff is very responsive.

1880 GRILLE: In this restaurant the services are appreciable and the atmosphere of restaurant is quite good and all that at reasonable prices.

LOS LUPES MEXICAN RESTAURANT: The best Mexican food is served in Los lupus restaurant, the beer is served with a frosted mug.

GREGORY'S MESQUITE GRILL: It is mesquite’s best restaurant all over, served with fresh food. The inside theme is awesome with good music, awesome services and at a very reasonable price.

SAMURAI 21: It is Japanese restaurant in Mesquite with lovely food presentation and dishes made by the sushi chef are just awesome.